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The Clapper (2017)
Year, country:
Dito Montiel
Amanda Seyfried, Leah Remini, Ed Helms
1h 29min
Such a comedic dramatic story could only happen to ordinary people, such as Eddie's simpleton and Judy's modest 15 minutes of glory that fell on the head of a guy who never missed stars from the sky, threaten to destroy all the precious and valuable that is in life. Clacker - so in the past called the audience, who gathered in groups, provided theatrical performance total success or failure, accompanied by applause or hooting each replica of the artists. On modern television, people are called specially invited to the studio to portray enthusiasm, joy, anger, support or contempt for the participants of the TV show. Eddie Crumble is just such a character, nothing is achieved by a middle-aged man, who can often be seen among the audience of various TV shows and talk shows. Trekking on TV is the only income, and the daily meetings with the girl with refueling are the only joy, although the indecisive Ed still can not admit Judy in her romantic feelings. Well, in a short time, love will be the least problem for an ordinary-looking peasant, to whom almost national popularity hit with a minus sign.The Clapper (2017) Watch full movie online free.
Someone paid attention to Ed, who moves between the studios of various programs, sometimes inserts cues, at other times waving his hands, stomping his feet or silently shaking his head. The network begins a real hunt for this man, who with horror realizes that he was the victim of a new national game "Find and light a clacker." This undeserved fame becomes a real curse for a man accustomed to the silence and loneliness of his personal life ...