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Sun Dogs (2017) HD
Sun Dogs (2017)
Year, country:
Jennifer Morrison
Melissa Benoist, Allison Janney, Jennifer Morrison
1h 34min
The comedy film "Sun Dogs" in 2017 about the simple guy Nede Chipley, who lives in the countryside, inspired by the nationwide, patriotic mood, in the state amid the sad events, as a result of the terrorist attack of the infamous 11 September 2001, intends to immediately join the ranks of the illustrious the heroic deeds of the Marines. He departs from a remote outback to a reception point located in San Diego.Here, a village boy is not enlisted in the ranks of servicemen, since there are obvious signs of mental inferiority in him. However, the good-natured, open-hearted young man evokes sympathy among the officers sitting in the admission committee, and they decide to show some indulgence, taking pity on the unfortunate, devoted country, the determined aspirant to the defenders.
Frivolous, trusting Ned to the task received is extremely responsible and serious, accepting a kindly joke for the direct order of the leadership. Under suspicions of criminal, subversive activities falls manager of a local casino, by some signs, who is the organizer of unlawful operations. Chipley immediately creates an extraordinary, anti-terrorist team, which includes young deserters who agreed to help in heroic deeds.
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