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Igor (2008)
Year, country:
Tony Leondis
John Cusack, Molly Shannon, Steve Buscemi
1h 27min
Malaria is a magical country, fascinating with its eccentricity. Residents of the country do not see sunlight and natural picturesque brightness, as everything here is mysteriously cloudy and extremely dull. The country is ruled by an evil and ruthless group of scientists and inventors. The subordinates do not differ much from their rulers, but they are still hunchbacks, living under one name only - Igor. Receiving an order from the malevolent authorities, hunchbacks perform their only task: they pull different levers. Among the large number of Igors, there is the only one that belongs to Professor Glickenstein and carries a malicious plan: to rule Malaria. To realize a dream in a reality the immortal rabbit and a walking brain help it. Their goal - to create a monster that will destroy, and torment the inhabitants of the country, and most importantly exterminate the current government. All their many hours of work resulted in one interesting brainchild - a giant woman who was endowed with a peace-loving character. To correct the good to evil, the team decides to wash the giantess brains. Result: the good-natured woman considers herself an actress with the highest talent! Will Igor, with the help of his "monster" and his hard-core team, win the competition - the Evil Fair of Science?
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