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Dnevnoy dozor (2006)
Year, country:
Timur Bekmambetov
Konstantin Khabenskiy, Mariya Poroshina, Vladimir Menshov
2h 12min
Anton Gorodetsky - a bright Other - and his student Svetlana, as usual, patrol the streets in a gas service truck. Suddenly the guard on duty informs on radio that nearby one of Dark Ones has made an attack. Unexpectedly, Gorodetsky disrupts the capture of the attacker, and there is a certain reason for this - Anton recognizes his son, who is called Yegor, in it. Gorodetsky himself does not like it. There is a story about Anton's neighbor - Butcher Saushkin. Kostya, unfortunately, turned out to be one of the Dark Ones. To start destroying people, Kostya should drink somebody's blood, but the guy does not want to do it, feeding on the blood of animals. n is felt, who, like Anton, has been searching for the Chalk of Destiny for a long time. Watch free movie action,horror, fantasy,2006 Dnevnoy dozor (2006) online in FreeMovies4k.org.