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Favorites Beautiful Creatures (2000)

Beautiful Creatures (2000)
Year, country:
Bill Eagles
Rachel Weisz, Susan Lynch, Iain Glen
1h 26min
The plot of the film unfolds around two young beautiful girls - Petula and Dorothy. Both have a personal life that does not suit them, as a result, despite their harmless, at first glance, beauty, the girls decide to help each other get rid of their guys. With Dorothy's boyfriend - Tony, there are no problems, and they eliminate it quite easily.With Brian - the guy Petula, there are difficulties, and new friends are forced to deal with the destruction of evidence that could indicate their involvement in the crime. Hiding their guilt, the girls seemingly avoid punishment. However, the deed created by them creates the domino principle and triggers a chain reaction from other events, as a result of which they will have to commit more and more new atrocities... Watch free movie comedi, crime,thriller Beautiful Creatures (2000)online in FreeMovies4k.org.