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Favorites Dead Bullet (2016)

Dead Bullet (2016) HD
Dead Bullet (2016)
Year, country:
Erik Reese
John T. Woods, Andrea Sixtos, Jose Rosete
1h 30min
Once an ordinary person became interested in card games, unaware that harmless fun in case of excessive enthusiasm can gradually grow into a real, psychological disease that requires outside interference, it is very difficult to cope with it independently. Now he tries unsuccessfully to get out of the tightened swamp, where card games became the meaning of life, pushing other human needs to the background. He lost irretrievably, all the acquired property and financial savings, leaving nothing, and finally came to the conclusion that it is necessary to say goodbye to a harmful, destructive habit. However, it is much more difficult to fulfill the planned plans than was imagined. The situation is complicated by the presence of exorbitant liabilities, evasion from payment which can lead to imprisonment. Now an avid gambler, for whom the hobby has long become a serious addiction, desperately tries to find an effective way to change the unpleasant situation, to bring about cardinal changes in the existing life. Once he decides on an incredibly risky act, committing a robbery of a popular casino. He steals playing chips, then doubles the bets on them, so that the proceeds from the sale of money are enough to pay off debts to creditors. Not a bad idea has some drawback, as potential buyers, the man chooses notorious thugs, capable of any terrible crimes for the sake of easy gain. This was the worst of all decisions taken by a card player for the entire time of conscious life. Presumably, a profitable deal turns into a horrible nightmare for him. Watch free movie drama, crime, thriller Dead Bullet (2016) online in FreeMovies4k.org.