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Thirteen (2003)
Year, country:
Catherine Hardwicke
Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter, Nikki Reed
1h 40min
Adolescence is a rather difficult period, especially for girls, because at that time they are influenced by peers and forget about what their parents taught. In a similar situation, the main heroine of the biographical melodrama turned out to be. Tracy is only thirteen years old. At school, the girl has always been a role model. But when Tracy met an otvyaznoy girl named Ivi, her life changed dramatically. The round pupil gradually throws up her studies, choosing other priorities: to be like Ivi, having fun till the morning, drinking and smoking. Such changes in the way of life of the girl scare her mother Melanie. She understands that her daughter is not the best girlfriend, because Ivy lives with a rather frivolous aunts, spending most of the time on the street and constantly having fun with unfamiliar guys. Could Melanie reason with her daughter?Watch free movie drama Thirteen (2003)online in FreeMovies4k.org.