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Death Clique (2014)
Year, country:
Doug Campbell
Barbara Alyn Woods, Tina Ivlev, Lexi Ainsworth
1h 23min
In the thriller Death click it is a question of three girlfriends who study in high school. They spend time together and often compete with each other. So there are circumstances that girls constantly compete for the attention of their girlfriends. For this reason, there is violence and the murder of a girl named Sarah. The mother immediately notices that her child is gone. She tells this to her father and tries to find out where her daughter went missing. The woman knew exactly who her friends were. For this reason, she immediately went to their home to find out in detail where and with whom she could be. However, the girlfriend did not say anything, which made Mom even more worried. Film Death Clique (2014) shows that the mother of one of her friends saw Sarah's native daughter, who scrubbed the bathroom the blood from his clothes. She knew perfectly well that this blood belongs to Sarah, and her daughter knows for sure about the disappearance. However, she understands that if you report this to the police, she will be fined for jail. Later, friends began to throw things out of their acquaintance, so that they were not suspected of kidnapping. But the investigators quickly learned that the girlfriends actually know everything and try to hide everything. What exactly managed to learn the mother of the murdered girl, you should watch the movie online. Watch free movie drama,crime,mystery,2014 Death Clique (2014) online in FreeMovies4k.org.