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Adaptation (2002)
Year, country:
Spike Jonze
Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper
1h 54min
Susan Orlin is a famous journalist who wrote the popular book "The Thief of Orchids". Film producers want to adapt this book in order to make a film based on its motives. For writing the adaptation is taken quite popular screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, who in his years already managed to become the author of several successful films. But unexpectedly for himself, Charlie is in a real creative dead end, the timing is already on, and he did not even have time to start writing the script. He tries to squeeze out a line, but all his attempts are futile. Such a helplessness Charlie looks very strange, because he already created several talented scenarios, so adapt the book, it should not have been difficult, because it's more a technical process than a creative one. But the hero does not succeed, he suffers and can not decide what the film will eventually be, because in his book, in his opinion, there is no plot at all. As a result, Charlie makes a strange decision and begins to describe in the script everything that happens in his life. And the more he writes, the more he notices how closely fiction is intertwined with his real life.
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