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House Broken (2009) HD
House Broken (2009)
Year, country:
Sam Harper
Danny DeVito, Katey Sagal, Skyler Stone
1h 24min
What else is needed: I built a good house, I managed to work greatly (for this I was sent for a well deserved rest), trees in the garden were planted, probably, also to them, well, two heirs. All this about Tom Sacchart (Danny De Vito), only with the last point of a successful life has not developed. As he will re-educate non-fledged sons, it will be clear if watching the movie The House fails to be directed by Sam Harper.
Dear fireman goes to a well-deserved rest. It's time to live for ourselves, especially since the family has acquired two assistants who now have to take care of their parents. But it did not happen as it was dreamed. Two brothers Quinn and Elliot did not learn anything about their twenty years except to take stupid rollers, fool and relax at someone else's expense. After another trick, Father decides to teach guys and teach them a lesson. Having prepared everything for his rebellion, he kidnaps his wife, who disagrees with the methods of upbringing, and leaves for long-awaited fishing, carefully taking food, money and placing everywhere a surveillance camera. Counting on the fact that grand-age children will finally learn to behave seriously, Tom did not consider that sons begin to move the instinct of survival, and he sometimes pushes for crazy acts.
If you start to watch online, the house is right, we find out that they are not really helpless. Independent entrepreneurs decide to rent rooms in their father's home, especially without taking over tenants, because the main thing is the payment of rent. What's the result of this, you can guess from the title of the film. The main question remains whether the methods of the older Saccharte can make the mummy sons of real men who are able to answer for their actions? We will find out if we will be home to watch online as a quality. Relaxing picture about the relationships of fathers and children. The eternal dilemma of parents: where is the line between rigor and permissiveness? Finding her all the same succeeds. And if that happens, then parents will be more than proud, because in this case a really decent generation will grow.
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