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Maverick (1994) HD
Maverick (1994)
Year, country:
Richard Donner
Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner
2h 7min
Brat Maverick is - a gorgeous gambler, a charismatic rascal and a professional. He earns bread by winning the weaker players. Brad intends to participate in a poker tournament that will be held aboard the steamer. But for participation it is necessary to have a large sum of money, Brad already has some savings, he only got to get 3 thousand. And Mavarik starts looking for his debtors in order to collect from them the money due to him. However, Brad is not the only one willing to sit at the card table - Annabel's beauty, a clever thief, pursues the same goals. There is also Brad's old competitor - the sheriff, who also does not let Brad relax, forcing to be on the check.
The film "Maverick" captivates the viewer with a dynamic plot and unexpected twisted events, bright characters do not leave room for boredom.
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