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Favorites Just Married (2003)

Just Married (2003)
Year, country:
Shawn Levy
Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy, Christian Kane
1h 35min
Easy, simple comedy tells of the acquaintance of two lovers who had to go through a number of ridiculous situations, after which everyone made a conclusion for themselves. Paul is an attractive guy from an ordinary family. He works as a radio broadcaster. Sarah is a pretty girl from a very wealthy family. Their meeting becomes an emergency. Playing on the beach in football, Paul accidentally hits the ball in Sarah. While making multiple apologies to the girl, Sarah pervades the culprit of her uncomfortable sympathy position. Soon, after the case between the pair, relationships develop that develop into a novel that requires continuation. The heroine introduces the boyfriend to her parents, but they are disappointed with her daughter's choice. But Sarah goes against the parental will, and leaves with Paul to the Alps to spend the honeymoon. Disturbed from happiness, the newly-married couple hopes to spend an unforgettable vacation. But they do not know each other's black secrets yet.