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Favorites Ferdinand (2017)

Ferdinand (2017)
Year, country:
Carlos Saldanha
John Cena, Kate McKinnon, Bobby Cannavale
1h 48min
Full movie Ferdinand (2017) online free in HD|FreeMovies4K.org. Already the little bull Ferdinand was different from tame tribesmen. The imposing ox was the pride of the hostess Nino, with whom they grew up together and cognized the world. He was not a beast, but was considered a true friend of the family. His good nature is a rarity. If other animals are fierce and severe, then this noble Spaniard on the contrary is gentle and sensual. Instead of senseless fights, he liked to admire the colors and breathe in their scents. But behind the external appearance it is difficult to discern the subtle mental organization of the cartoon character. The horned one looked imposing and ominous. Having got into the city, he frightened people frightfully. He was taken out as potentially dangerous and exuberant, separated from his beloved owner. So frightened by the unknown Ferdinand found himself at auction, where the bull was sold for its intended use. Bullfights are one of the popular entertainment, and this overall male could just be the star of the show. Films4korg
   True, the sluggish goby did not know how to use the power built into it and never applied it to enemies. The rest of the shaggy and needle-like neighbors quickly broke through, that the newcomer was an exceptional good-for-nothing, who did not offend the smaller brothers. In the near future he will need to learn how to be a warrior, bravely pushing all obstacles on the horns and running forward against fear. As a coach for him undertook the military goat there. In training Ferdinand really succeeded, he became more courageous than the former, but life on the ranch under the supervision of a lean fan of passionate bullfight. He does not intend to dedicate himself to fighting with representatives of his own kind. The hero misses the endless flowering meadows of the house. Yearning for home and Nino makes the bull-calve an escape plan. It seems that others also do not mind running away from the furious owner. Will dreams come true about freedom? Or until the end of days he is destined to react violently to the red rags and fight for the amusement of the crowd of spectators? Well, let's watch Ferdinand 2017 online for HD 720 quality?
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