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Botoks (2017)
Year, country:
Patryk Vega
Leonardo Lacaria, Olga Boladz, Marcin Borkowski
2h 17min
Everyday life of doctors and other workers connected in a certain way with medicine consists of a multitude of current problems and difficult situations, in which responsible decisions are made, fateful decisions are literally in short moments, when human life is at stake. The only sure way to determine the path is always difficult to save a helpless patient who is in a critical condition, hoping solely for the professionalism of a doctor who finds himself in the middle of a difficult moment. Sometimes even a short second, lost in vain and irrevocably, can play a large, unfavorable role. Irrelevant or irresponsible actions inevitably lead to unpleasant, sometimes tragic consequences, even for which one has to bear responsibility. In this case, absolutely mistakes are unacceptable.
The fate of four previously unrelated women working in medical institutions, unexpectedly intertwined with a rather unusual situation that arose in a specialized out-patient clinic. As it turns out later, a lot of illegal actions are committed here. Professional employees work in the usual, tense mode, diligently fulfilling their own duties, until a certain moment, not knowing about the lawlessness that is developing around them. Their lives radically change when the light is shining on what is happening around the disgrace, to which all the employees of this institution are involuntarily involved. Naturally, unlawful actions of physicians adversely affect the state of health of patients who are unaware of the danger of being here.Watch free movie action, drama, thriller Botoks (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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