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Favorites White Palace (1990)

White Palace (1990) HD
White Palace (1990)
Year, country:
Luis Mandoki
Susan Sarandon, James Spader, Jason Alexander
1h 43min
Love is not a predictable thing. Max Baron´s (James Spader) work is fine. He is twenty-seven years old and despite his young age, he is the director of an advertising agency. But in his personal life he has problems: recently he buried his young wife and can not come to himself after that. Max eschews any company and likes to spend time alone wandering around the city.

One night in one of the fast food he meets a waitress, Nora Baker (Susan Sarandon). Between these people a very close relationship is established. But the fact is, the woman is much older than Baron, she is forty-three, and she belongs to another social stratum. But lovers do not give a damn because they feel so good together.

They did not have to keep an intimate relationship secret for a long time. Various rumors spread, and in order to put an end to this, Mils invites Nora to her home on Thanksgiving. There he wants to introduce the woman to his relatives. What happened with this was shown in the film "The White Palace". Because it is so difficult for people sometimes to break the established rules of life.
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