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Favorites China Salesman (2017)

China Salesman (2017)
Year, country:
Tan Bing
Dong-xue Li, Mike Tyson, Janicke Askevold
1h 50min
Many people want to make a fast career. Only to make a quick takeoff in most cases is extremely difficult. It is necessary to work hard and painstakingly, refusing itself in many ways. Of course this is not a guarantee of success. You also need extraordinary abilities and the ability to present yourself. And this is not all. The necessary connections with the right people and ordinary luck are also important components of success.
The young manager Barry Minkov chooses a different path. He does not want to be long and tedious in the shadow of his colleagues. As described in the movie "The Fraud", Barry begins with the help of blackmail and dirty intrigue to go to his goal. Minkov is unceremonious and extremely cynical. The man dexterously uses the weaknesses of people, from the most influential to the ordinary pawns. Barry becomes CEO of the largest firm. Only such a life is displayed first of all on his close people - parents Roberta and Carol, wife Lisa, and also daughter Gail. Soon Minkov will understand that there are others who want to take his place. And these people will use no less dirty methods.action, allowing you to realize your own ambitions. Watch free movie action, adventure, crime China Salesman (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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