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The Lucky Man (2018)
Year, country:
Norman Gregory McGuire
Jesse James, Mariana Paola Vicente, Burton Gilliam
1h 36min
A very young, uneducated preacher, along with a charming friend, is at the center of an incredible story that happened to them on the road. Most of the time, a guy and an attractive companion spend in the car of a car, wandering along the roads of an immense country. They go on a long journey to the distant future, waiting for dizzy, unforgettable adventures. Young, cheerful Rebecca, thinking about the future, dreams of creating a happy family with a loved one. Johnny is busy with experiences exclusively about his own profit, trying to turn any incident on the benefit of his person, to ensure a successful future. Friends are moving between provincial, remote settlements from civilization, with undeveloped infrastructure, the lack of entertainment, where you can have fun.
Friends try to visit the most remote towns, experiencing an information deficit. Here, Johnny reads sermons, trying to convey to the locals the divine word and gain authority among the parishioners of the most noble, open and unselfish person. Travelers await on the way great difficulties and all sorts of troubles that they stoically overcome, putting a lot of effort, showing patience and mutual assistance. The days are monotonous, fairly monotonous and predictable. But one day unpredictable, impartial changes occur. The priest unexpectedly associates with the influential and criminal, dangerous grouping, endangering very many the safety of innocent people. It is necessary to correct the complete oversight.
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