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Favorites The Lodgers (2017)

The Lodgers (2017)
Year, country:
Brian O’Malley
Charlotte Vega, David Bradley, Moe Dunford
1h 33min
Watch The Lodgers movie (2017) online for free in HD  In the title role - brother and sister: Edward and Rachel. The guys live without their parents. From relatives, the orphans inherited the estate in an Irish village. About the mansion among the neighbors goes a bad rumor: as if some unthinkable evil forces take possession of the tenants of the house. All those who lived there were rather strange people, and they were waiting for a tragic end. Young people did not believe the rumors until they themselves were convinced of this. With the family strange things began to happen: as if someone else possessed their mind and body. Dark forces forced the new owners of the mansion to live by their own rules, showing who is in charge of the estate. It was forbidden to go to bed later than midnight, and guests were also banned.
  Edvar completely submitted to the influence of the unthinkable inhabitants of the house and led a reclusive way of life, and Rachel could not and did not want to succumb to evil. For disobedience, the otherworldly forces made a cruel punishment for the tenants, but the girl did not want to put up with it. Soon young people had a new neighbor. It was a man named Sean. He returned from the war and drew attention to the new inhabitants of the mysterious house. His attention was particularly attracted to Rachel, who was very young, but at the same time very mysterious. 
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