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The Taker's Crown (2017) HD
The Taker's Crown (2017)
Year, country:
Josiah Swanson
Tim Kaiser, Tiffany Burns, Jared Withrow
1h 26min
  This story began two hundred years ago. Proud people of the Titans living high in the mountains, expelled from their clan Thief Thief. He can return only if he brings the crown of the Usurper. This artifact allows you to own a huge power of darkness. The glorious hero Joshua defeated the Usurper and took his crown. Toum found this man and killed him. At the last moment, his wife and daughter Joshua managed to escape, took with him a valuable artifact. Since then, Toum has been looking for these women and their descendants.

  As described in the movie "The Taker's Crown" many years later the thief learned about Skyl Johnson, who has one old book. This folio can tell where to find the crown. Thome sends his lieutenants Rogan and Kayla to steal the book. The plan was a success, but the girl realized that her teacher pursues terrible goals. Cayla escapes from Touma and Rogan. This is helped by the legendary King Wiglaff, who at that moment wandered alone through the forest. He persuades the girl to go to her friend Julian. This scientist will be able to decipher the entries in the book. Julian could understand a lot. After that, Wiglaf understands that you need to beat Touma at any cost. He, along with Ceila, Julian and his assistant Albert, sets out on a dangerous path. The Taker's Crown (2017) Watch full movies online free on FreeMovies4K.org
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