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Favorites The Last Mimzy (2007)

The Last Mimzy (2007) HD
The Last Mimzy (2007)
Year, country:
Robert Shaye
Joely Richardson, Rainn Wilson, Timothy Hutton
1h 30min
Two children named Emma and Noah in the film "The Last Mimzy (2007)" during the next game discover a mysterious box, which at first did not cause them any suspicion. It contained many amazing toys, reminiscent of old dolls. The guys play with the things found, and soon they begin to have an ominous influence on them.

Step by step the children's mental capacities increase, turning them into true geniuses. Emma and Noah hit the people around with their non-child mindset and knowledge. Adults at first rejoice at the success of offspring, but then realize that such changes are not entirely normal. Concerned parents are trying to find the reason for the sudden transformation of children into geniuses. They are finally convinced that Emmy and Noah are in grave danger when the girl starts telling parents about the battered rabbit Mimzy, telling her instructive stories and other useful things about the surrounding reality. The old toy convinced the child that she has a special mission in this world - to communicate a message from the future to mankind.
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