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Favorites The Stolen (2017)

The Stolen (2017) HD
The Stolen (2017)
Year, country:
Niall Johnson
Alice Eve, Jack Davenport, Graham McTavish
1h 37min
In life, a young woman is a big tragedy. Unknown abusers kidnap a single, underage child. A grief-stricken mother decides to look for the missing son. She finds herself in an unfamiliar, very aggressive and hostile environment, alien and incomprehensible. They constantly harass unhappy all kinds of troubles and dangerous circumstances that threaten her life directly. A participant in impartial incidents is the lawful wife of an ordinary, poor landowner who owns a small, beautiful and cozy house, serviced by a small number of servants. The wealth of a married couple is considered to be their beautiful, touching relationships, allowing family happiness to support and well-being. The main treasure is a beloved, little son.
Young parents surround the baby with care, they try to create favorable conditions for the correct creation of upbringing and development. Especially a lot of time with him is a caring, loving mother. One night, gangsters make their way to the house, who brutally kill the head of the family and steal the defenseless boy. After a while, a double-hearted widow receives an envelope with a photograph of her son, where he looks very nice. The heart of the unfortunate shrinks from the rushing feelings, she wanted to immediately see and press the native man to the tearing chest. A little calming down, she collects the necessary things and goes to the city in search of the baby. During the search, a woman with different people meets people who show only selfish intentions. No one really helps, everyone is only interested in money. Watch free movie action, drama, adventure The Stolen (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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