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Stickman (2017) HD
Stickman (2017)
Year, country:
Sheldon Wilson
Dave Alaimo, Beryl Bain, Alanna Bale
1h 25min
The movie Stikmen online horror tells how a girl named Emma overcame her fear of a nightmare monster who for many years pursued her at night. It all began in early childhood. When Emma was only seven years old, she was already tormented by serious phobias and could not be alone in the room when it was dark outside. The unknown creature literally hunted for the girl, and along with her family members - mother and sister. Emma knew that there could be no salvation, but what could she do in seven years?
And then came the terrible day, when neither the mother of the heroine nor her sister could escape from Stickman. Both fell victims to an unknown monster, who mercilessly killed them. Emma waited in horror for the monster to get to her, but the girl was rescued in time, taking her out of the house and putting her in a hospital for the mentally ill. Here she was for several years. Emma was treated, restored, and the time came when she could say with certainty that she was no longer afraid to fall asleep at night alone. Nightmares ceased. They resumed when Emma left the hospital and was in the shelter. Will she be able to defeat Stickman, who is poisoning her life? Watch free movie thriller Stickman (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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