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Kona Coast (1968) HD
Kona Coast (1968)
Year, country:
Lamont Johnson
Richard Boone, Vera Miles, Joan Blondell
1h 33min
Set on Hawaii, this colourful melodrama features rugged Richard Boone, a Hollywood tough guy who never quite made it as a major movie star but always had great screen presence. Here he's a fisherman in Hawaii whose daughter is murdered, possibly by a local racketeer who has also smashed up Boone's boat. Lots of action in front of majestic scenery ensues. However it all looks and sounds like an old studio picture from the 1930s, an impression helped by the appearance of veteran actress Joan Blondell.

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A charter-boat captain in Honolulu discovers his daughter's dead body has been washed up on the shore, but does not believe that she drowned. Convinced a local drug dealer has a hand in her demise, he takes the law into his own hands to get revenge. Crime thriller based on a short story by John D MacDonald, starring Richard Boone and Vera Miles.
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