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Favorites Bad Apples (2018)

Bad Apples (2018) HD
Bad Apples (2018)
Year, country:
Bryan Coyne
Andrea Collins, Brea Grant, Alycia Lourim
1h 20min
  The main characters in the movie "Bad Apples (2018)" - in the seventh heaven of happiness. They, at last, have got the wonderful house in a small, silent small town. Spouses are rushing to transport things directly to Halloween. Robert and Ella really want to see how they celebrate it in a new place. They hurry to dismantle boxes to take part in the action. The streets of the town are already filled with people wearing masks, and the newcomers still have to cut it out of the pumpkin. Nobody suspects that there are characters who have decided to use the holiday to turn dirty deeds.

  Two girls who hate the world around them and the people who surround them, pulling out terrible faces, decide to see firsthand their death. They break into their native school. The first victim is the director of the institution. The kind of blood still warms the young sadistic. They, like a machine-killer, move forward, dealing with all who are in sight. A young couple, who has just arrived in the city, will have to go through a far from hospitable reception. The holiday turns into a universal tragedy.
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