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Favorites Dark Matter (2007)

Dark Matter (2007)
Year, country:
Shi-Zheng Chen
Meryl Streep, Ye Liu, Peng Chi
1h 28min
The film "Dark Matter (2007)" tells the dramatic story of a Chinese youth who believed in a "world of equal opportunities."

Mid-1990s. A talented graduate student and future astronomer Liu Qing, leaving Beijing, moves to America, wanting to continue studying the "black matter" under the authority of the authoritative professor Jacob Reiser. Liu adores the scientist as an outstanding professional and admires his "Model of cosmic threads". Hard-working graduate student, keen on cosmology, reasonably hopes to supplement the theory of the mentor with his discoveries. The assistant of the professor Joanna Silver becomes an ally of the young man, she is a great liberal, fascinated by Chinese culture.

Very soon, Liu Qing achieves significant success, which is predictably followed by a conflict with Raiser. Feeling that the hypotheses proposed by a boy from the Middle Kingdom threaten his recognized theory, the professor recommends that his protégé leave the research, doing something simpler. However, an ambitious graduate student who was aiming for a doctoral dissertation rejects the "friendly" advice of the scientist.
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