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Permanent (2017) HD
Permanent (2017)
Year, country:
Colette Burson
Patricia Arquette, Rainn Wilson, Kira McLean
1h 33min
   Some representatives of human society have an incredibly low self-esteem since early childhood, which directly affects the future. People have numerous complexes due to external deficiencies that distinguish them from the general mass of the surrounding average citizens living according to generally accepted laws that adhere to certain stereotypes. Subjects that look a little different than most of their compatriots have great problems with adaptation and survival in the surrounding society, showing incredible ingenuity and tolerance, adapting to the existing canons of beauty and fashion preferences. They have to make incredible efforts and endurance to maintain a psycho-emotional balance in fairly unconventional circumstances.
   Aureli grew up in a poor, large family, experiencing constant problems. The girl lacks attention, therefore she considers herself to be an unlucky person, doomed to permanent failures. Once she was told an ancient prejudice that with a cardinal change in the hairstyle, a woman changes her family unrecognizably. The girl with incredible enthusiasm seizes on the supposed opportunity to find happiness. She convinces her parents of the necessary money to allocate the amount to visit the hairdresser, where to make a modern design, fashionable hair. Unfortunately, the teenage girl falls into the hands of an inexperienced trainee barber who recreates on the client's head something awkward, like the curls of a lamb. The new image provokes mockery and mockery from classmates, causing a sequence of curious situations. Watch full movie Permanent (2017) online free|- Freemovies4k.org
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