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Favorites The Neighbor (2018)

The Neighbor (2018)
Year, country:
Aaron Harvey
William Fichtner, Jessica McNamee, Jean Louisa Kelly
1h 45min
A middle-aged man has been married for many years. Relations with his wife have long turned into a monotonous routine, reminiscent of a viscous, impenetrable swamp, from which it is impossible to get out, to swallow full of light fresh air. Between once close, passionately in love people disappeared attraction, mutual understanding, romantic interest, the basis of the family being well-being. Out of life, the hope for better times has gone, the thrill has vanished and the anticipation is exciting something unusual and intriguing.

One day, life presents an unexpected surprise, turning the habitual colorless existence. Fate decided to give the last to the aging hero of the film "Neighbor" 2017 watch online the unforeseen opportunity in gray to add a little variety, light, hopeful tones and bright, unforgettable impressions. In the house, on the neighboring site located, an interesting married couple is moving. This event involves making some changes to the surrounding atmosphere. The new neighbor is a young, rather attractive and benevolent woman, and her husband is an incredibly aggressive, alert, unpleasant person.

The spouses did not parade domestic, family relationships, but it was obvious the presence of some tension. Later it will be found out that the pretty wife was disappointed with the existing marriage, since she assumed a slightly different development of interpersonal relations. She was sick of the presence of a brutal, quick-tempered guy who constantly poured her own negative on her. To be in uninterrupted expectation of a splash of aggression and the state of fear without fear becomes simply overwhelming. She is not sure of the love of her husband.
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