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Favorites Jumanji (1995)

Jumanji (1995)
Year, country:
Joe Johnston
Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt
1h 44min
The second half of the nineteenth century, two young men are trying in a hurry to get rid of a bulky chest in secret from others. Safely hidden in the woods damned good should not be sought for the good of all mankind. Only a century later, buried by unknown teenagers, the treasure was accidentally opened by the curious son of the owner of the shoe factory, Alan Parish. Unfortunately, there were no coins or other ancient jewelry inside - just an old, shabby game called "Jumanji". The rules are simple, and the child has nothing to do, so he called neighbor Sarah to make a company. The guys sat in the living room for new entertainment, but in the process the boy disappeared without a trace, merging into the eyes of a classmate. His girlfriend, although unhurt, the following years at the therapy sessions convinced herself that the incident - a mysterious obsession and untruth. The search operation for Alan was fiasco, the police found the loss. The event was remembered by the residents of the town as a mystical event.
     It's been about twenty-six years since the aunt with the orphans-nephews settled in the house of Parish. The parents of Peter and Judy died in a car crash, and now the only relative is responsible for them. KinoGB.club. However, the upbringing of schoolchildren is not enough time, most of the day they are left to themselves. Exploring the mansion, the film's characters accidentally ran into a strange dusty box. There was kept the ill-fated Jumanji, untouched by the grieving father and mother of Alan. New households under the predecessors decided to play, not knowing that the game does not let go and can lead to irreversible consequences, as this misfortune happened a quarter of a century earlier.
   Throwing bones and challenge, they awakened the magical powers and freed Alan from the jungle captivity. The overgrown mature forty-year-old man suddenly appeared in the house after a long absence. Everything has changed, his loved ones are no more, but it is absolutely impossible to leave the game unfinished. To avoid the day of judgment and protect the players, he went to Sarah, who is obliged to join the competition as a participant in an unfinished party. Who will win: magic thing or people? Well, let's watch Watch free movie  Adventure, Family,  Fantasy, 90´s  Jumanji (1995) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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