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Scorched Earth (2018) HD
Scorched Earth (2018)
Year, country:
Peter Howitt
Gina Carano, John Hannah, Stephanie Bennett
1h 36min
In the near future, the terrible, incorrigible consequences of a global catastrophe contribute to the almost complete destruction of terrestrial living organisms. The familiar world has ceased to exist. The civilized society has disappeared, and together with it the generally accepted moral principles and laws of communication have sunk into oblivion. Now the rules of existence dictate physical superiority. The world is ruled by armed to the teeth criminals who do not know compassion and other manifestations of humanity. State power and its divisions are completely absent.

The population that escaped the terrible death was divided into oppressed and enslavers. Outlawed bandits enjoy unlimited power and have everything they want. All other residents are forced to live in poverty and unceasing fear, so their numbers are rapidly decreasing. Simple, peaceful residents in the circumstances can not resist thugs who are well equipped with weapons and military equipment. Cornered men and women rely only on luck and the opportunity to find a secluded place where you can safely hide.
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But even in hidden shelters, unhappy people do not feel completely protected. Above them constantly threatens the sudden attack of bandits who are able to easily deal with defenseless victims. People who endured endless hardships for a long time and finally lost faith in a better future fell into despair. The district began to spread amazing stories about the mysterious avenger. A mysterious young lady mercilessly destroys criminals. She is equally cruelly cracking down on ordinary mercenaries and their inhuman leaders.
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