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Favorites Evil Ed (1995)

Evil Ed (1995)
Year, country:
Anders Jacobsson
Johan Rudebeck, Per Löfberg, Olof Rhodin
1h 33min
The protagonist of the movie "Sinister Ed" - a small cog in the machinel of the film industry. Edward is a modest film editor. Work on comedies and melodramas gives him great pleasure. And so, the man receives an unusual proposal. Director of the studio, on which only horror films are shot, wants a man to start editing horror films. It is necessary to cut out such pieces that can shock even the amateurs to tickle the nerves. Modest Edward agrees, although he is a little embarrassed by the name of the film - "Cut off limbs.
The master starts to work, and soon, after watching the scenes from which he breaks the protective mechanism of the psyche, quiet Edward turns into a bloodthirsty maniac. Blood, violence, perverted tortures - all this he can not wait to translate into reality. Ed is a real monster that destroys everyone in its path. He mounts his own world, guided by insane motives. No one can stop it, because the methods by which it acts are incredibly sophisticated. Watch free movie comedy, hrror Evil Ed (1995) online in FreeMovies4k.org.