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Exit Humanity (2011)
Year, country:
John Geddes
Brian Cox, Mark Gibson, Dee Wallace
1h 54min
"The End of Humanity" (2011) is a dramatic horror film shot by Canadian filmmakers. The film takes place more than 150 years ago, in Tennessee, when a fratricidal war raged between the American South and the North. The main character of the film is Edward Young. The war deprived him of his wife and son, taking away the only thing that kept him on the ground. All that he has left is a promise given to his son. Once he promised his son to show Ellis waterfall. This promise becomes the thread that keeps him in life. He goes to the cherished goal with the remains of his son's ashes to dispel him at the waterfall. A terrible war, which took everything and deprived it of the sense of living further, becomes an obstacle on the way. But the man persistently continues to go forward between enemies and hordes of zombies. The soldier must confront them all to fulfill his son's promise. How will things develop further? Will the main character remain a man? You will know the answers by watching the film Watch free full movie Exit Humanity (2011) online in FreeMovies4k.org