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Favorites Only the Brave (2017)

Only the Brave (2017)
Year, country:
Joseph Kosinski
Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges
2h 14min
In America, a day was instituted dedicated to all courageous heroes as a tribute to their unselfish heroism. Among the knights of the twenty-first century were nineteen southern firefighters who fought not with demons and criminals, but with a natural disaster that enveloped the suburbs of Arizona. One June evening in the evening of 2013 over Prescott hung an iron blue cloud, struck the tongues of lightning. One of them attacked a tree. The burning bark brightly flared, the fire passed over the whole territory. Drought has transformed the area into an ideal focus for the spread of flames on nearby lands.
A wall of smoke rose, the air deteriorated, and the inhabitants were stunned by the picture they saw and the fire coming on them. Such a catastrophe is the lot and cause of the brave. The townspeople sounded the alarm. The only defenders and keepers, firemen of the local branch, always flawlessly coped with fires of all sizes. On their account dozens of cases of successful extinguishing. KinoGB.club. They always support the form with training with the captain and are considered almost the local heroes, risking lives for the sake of saving Americans.
Bayopik "The case of the brave" is based on the tragic story of the masculinity of a detachment of firefighters who came close to the fire and rushed to extinguish the water reserves gaining strength and power of the fire. By lunchtime he covered most of the scorched wood. Shortly before the events described above, a young fighter, Brandan, wanted to join the firefighters, who, according to the leader's assessment, was not fit for participation in special operations. A young father, an untrained kid and a yellow-faced youth - that's what McDow saw as old-timers. However, he went to the call of duty, he wanted to get through there and prove to everyone that he was fit for something. Alas, but the fire trap has selected the lives of many of the famous group of fighter. Four years have passed since those terrible events, but the Prescott still revere the merits of their compatriots. How did the situation develop and who burned alive, and who was lucky enough to suffocate from the smoke before?
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