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Maze (2017)
Year, country:
Stephen Burke
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Barry Ward, Martin McCann
1h 32min
  The main thing in the story: Dave, an unusual protagonist, because he is a sufficiently talented and interesting person, he is an artist. For many years of his tireless work, he managed to make a real "maze", his style, his paintings have now become very popular, among all critics. But he is not yet satisfied with his paintings. After all, he failed to create his masterpiece, He dreams of writing the best picture that will go down in history. But inspiration still does not visit our hero. All the paintings he wrote did not bring emu that excitement and joy.
  So, that quickly Dave did go into a depression, which talented people always leave, it is rather difficult to choose from this state. But our hero is very strong, he decides to change his field of work, wants to create a plan for the construction of the fort. I'm sure that he will definitely get a labyrinth. The man was so much taken by his work that he was gradually losing real reality. He so plunged into his creations that he does not understand what his state is, he seems to be in a dream. Dave's got to create a real puzzle, filled with different traps. But all the same the genius of this master can not be combined, with a real obsession.  Watch full drama crime movie online free Maze (2017)||- Freemovies4k.org
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