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Favorites Wild Orchid (1989)

Wild Orchid (1989)
Year, country:
Zalman King
Mickey Rourke, Jacqueline Bisset, Carré Otis
1h 45min
This erotic drama has a secret element that makes some intimate scenes especially sensual and sweet - the lead actors, Mickey Rourke and Carrie Otis, began to meet on the set, and then got married at all, so their joint hot sexual fights are full of true passion and love fumes. And the final scene of sexual intercourse, according to rumors, was a demonstration of non-simulated sex. So hurry to see. Sultry Brazil. Emmanuel and other greedy adventurous adventurous European and North American ladies dangled here for sexual passions. Here goes Emily Reed, the heroine Carrie Otis. True, a young American woman came to Rio for work to make a major deal with real estate, but in the city of Ostap Bender dreams everything can happen. Including the most insane sexual adventure. It is this happy event takes place with the heroine of erotic drama "Wild Orchid": Rio Emily meets a mysterious businessman James (Mickey Rourke), who for many millions of souls and intimate fantasies. James elects Emily the target of his sexual energy, but the approach of a millionaire, frankly, extraordinary. He involves the girl in a crazy carnival of lascivious entertainment, provoking her new acquaintance in communication with other men and thus inflaming her own passion ...Watch Wild Orchid (1989) full movie online free in HD and 1080p|-Erotik|Drama|
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