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Favorites Hardbodies (1984)

Hardbodies (1984)
Year, country:
Mark Griffiths
Grant Cramer, Teal Roberts, Gary Wood
1h 28min
Full movie comedy, 80´s Hardbodies (1984) online free in FreeMovies4k.org
Young years must be enjoyed, because in time everything passes. Someone reconciles with maturity and enjoys life, but the heroes of the movie The stout bodies try to resist it. Initially, men believed that the hotel and the convertible were expensive enough to get the attention of ladies, but that's not true. They dream of experiencing vivid impressions, having fun, having an affair and for this they go to the coast of California. Belief in one's own power is very commendable, but one has to reckon with reality. To meet halfway to the dream, there is something to be done. What now to win young ladies?
If you watch an online movie, then the friends are going to hire a cute student who should remind them how to take care of the ladies and conquer them. At his age, the cost of a relationship is simple, so the lessons should benefit. The young handsome readily agrees, because he can not only rest, but also earn, he will never miss such a chance. But whether the heroes of history can boast of success, will show an exciting film Hardbodies (1984), which promises many ridiculous and ridiculous situations, in which men are trapped. Everyone will learn his lesson from this story ...