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Favorites Acts of Violence (2018)

Acts of Violence (2018)
Year, country:
Brett Donowho
Bruce Willis, Cole Hauser, Shawn Ashmore
1h 28min
Max Livingstone chose as his professional vocation a very dangerous and inhuman criminal activity. Slippery, hypocritical and immoral type successfully engaged in a long time kidnapping people. Most of his victims consist of white blonde girls, who are the most popular product among picky and picky customers. The kidnappers specializing in kidnapping have long been tracked down by an experienced, highly qualified detective who has worked in the police for a long time, and is very professional.
The last unhappy captive of bandits was the younger sister of the brothers MacGregor. The future bride was stolen during the traditional hen party on the eve of the wedding celebrations. Parents immediately reported the incident to the police department. The detective quickly gets on the track of the criminals, trying to act quickly and clearly to prevent the tragic consequences that await Jess in the near future. Any delay will play in favor of the bandits. Then incredible events begin to happen.
It turns out that even in the FBI, Livingston has connections that allow him to get support from the defenders of the law. Soon the local police are generally removed from the investigation, forbidding to delve into the details of the case. The brothers continue to seek out their sister and provide a worthy confrontation with a well-organized gang. They are well-deserved veterans who participated in combat operations, so they have undeniable skills of owning all kinds of weapons and resisting an armed enemy. Criminals will not be sweet when meeting with angry relatives.