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Favorites Session 9 (2001)

Session 9 (2001)
Year, country:
Brad Anderson
David Caruso, Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle
1h 40min
Not always heroes of horror films themselves are looking for adventure, monsters and otherworldly phenomena. Sometimes all this finds them quite independently. What happened in the film "Ninth Session".
One of the brigades that is engaged in the destruction of asbestos, suddenly gets a profitable (from a material point of view) work. Men engaged in such pragmatic and earthly activities, had little idea what would "overgrow" their journey to an abandoned hospital for the insane. They never believed in the otherworldness of our being, did not see the inexplicable and did not face the terrifying. The characters just lived. They did not seek fame or adrenaline, but the dilapidated cellars of their new work object are already waiting for "customers".
It turns out that the atmosphere of torment, mockery and bullying that prevailed here when the clinic functioned was preserved. Souls that died here, and could not escape from the hellish place "escape". They only became extremely embittered and created around themselves and places of their torment aura of nightmare. And now the brigade of hard workers becomes victims of this terrible atmosphere ...Watch Session 9 (2001) full movie online free|- Freemovies4k.org
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