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Favorites Pride and Prejudice (2003)

Pride and Prejudice (2003)
Year, country:
Andrew Black
Kam Heskin, Orlando Seale, Lucila Solá
1h 44min
Elizabeth, the main character of the film "Pride and Prejudice," is the representative of those women for whom career and personal development is above all other things. Elvesbeth's women want to find a handsome and rich guy, marry him and start a family. But our heroine is not attracted by such a prospect. Elizabeth clearly planned her life, and marriage is not yet part of her plans. At least before she graduated from college.
But, as often happens, fate has made its own amendments. Elizabeth meets at once two charming guys: Darcy - a successful businessman, and George - a handsome man who works as a model. Each of these young people shows an interest in our heroine. And it seems that it is ready to step back from its principles. But she has two problems. The first is to learn about the intentions of the suitors. The second is to decide who exactly Elizabeth loves. A difficult situation, is not it? See how the heroine of the film will experience George and Darcy to find that, the present, the feeling ... Watch free movie comedy, romance Pride and Prejudice (2003) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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