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Joe's War (2017) HD
Joe's War (2017)
Year, country:
Phil Falcone
Michael Markiewicz, Armand Assante, Tom Sizemore
1h 43min
Joe is a former soldier who passed Afghanistan and Iraq. Now he has returned to his hometown and is trying to start a new life, but it turns out to be very difficult. Physically, Joe is completely unharmed, which cannot be said about his psyche. The man had to endure a real nightmare, after which he became a completely different person. He no longer wants to marry his girlfriend Sarah, although he used to dream of a wedding, he spends almost all his time with friends playing hockey, but most importantly, Joe has lost any interest in life and is increasingly drinking alcohol. He realizes that he cannot continue like this anymore, and decides to seek help from a specialist. But can Joe cope with the ghosts of the past?
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