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Favorites Ghost Note (2017)

Ghost Note (2017) HD
Ghost Note (2017)
Year, country:
Troy Hart
Alicia Underwood, Justin Duncan, Kenny Gardner
1h 45min
  Missed by prudish adults young lady Mallory, unwittingly won the unjustified, very negative glory of the local rebel. Near parents of a dysfunctional daughter, languishing with the unpleasant, taunting reproaches of neighbors, mutually decide to relax in serene Hawaii. Hurriedly collecting impressive, unbearable suitcases, careless elders, carelessly pass the restless hooligan to the compulsory care of an old grandmother.

  Incredibly strange old woman begins to systematically oppress freedom-loving granddaughter. Wanting to get rid of intrusive, disgusted control, the desperate poor girl escapes from the hated, oppressive society of the guardian and starts a spontaneous acquaintance with her neighbor-handsome Rodney. Inexpensive guys, languishing with endless idleness, recklessly begin to engage in dangerous research in the unpleasant past of the Mallory family. Gradually, newly-minted adventurers unintentionally disclose the unsightly secrets of the horrendous past and meet with a chilling mystery full of fatal darkness.  Watch Ghost Note (2017) full movie online free in HD on freemovies4k.org|
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