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Distiller (2016) HD
Distiller (2016)
Year, country:
Andy Schroeder
Amy Ciupek, Daniel Noonan, Steven Sacco
90 min/episode
Matthew (Steven Sacco) - an experienced hunter on ghosts, long not stuck in one place. He prefers to travel around the country and the world, in search of people facing mystical forces, and do not know how to cope with them. Distiller. There comes a time when the hunter suddenly disappears, leaving a huge house at the disposal of his niece named Blue (Amy Ciupek). The girl does not know that in bottles of alcohol are real ghosts, which he collected in the form of his own trophies. Having arranged a grandiose party, the girl did not suspect that life would change radically. Guests randomly open all the bottles, releasing the ghosts to freedom. There comes a difficult moment, as Blue is going to take on the business of his own uncle, and begin to catch every ghost. The party is in serious danger, and everyone does not guess about the possible consequences that will face. It's worth watching the film Distiller, watching as Blue tries to correct the monstrous mistake committed by her friends. Most of all, the niece dreams of the return of his uncle, who will be able to radically change the current situation.
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