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Favorites Rainbow Time (2016)

Rainbow Time (2016)
Year, country:
Linas Phillips
Linas Phillips, Melanie Lynskey, Timm Sharp,
91 min/episode
The hero of the tragicomedy Iridescent online time, Todd (Timm Sharp), is forced to patronize his elder brother Shonzi (Linas Phillips), who is retarded in development and in forty years often leading himself as a teenager. As a child, the brothers were friends, they played together and loved to shoot different scenes from life, but the younger grew up, and the older one does not, and their interests vary ... However, the elder is completely harmless, calm, draws with pleasure and, as before, takes pictures of his interesting mobile phone. Todd decided to finally get his family, he has a lover, though, the relationship with her is not always right.

Even more complicated after Shonzi felt that he also fell in love with his brother's girlfriend! Due to his mental abilities, he is not completely aware of the essence of the relationship between men and women, and wants to just watch a couple when they retire. But Todd is strongly against it! Realizing that it will not be possible to achieve its goal, Shonzi begins to threaten his brother. He has compromising shots from the brothers' past lives, he can show them to Lindsay (Melanie Lynskey). Todd understands that the relationship that he so cherishes, in danger ... Watch free full movie Rainbow Time (2016) online in FreeMovies4k.org
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