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Favorites Roger Waters the Wall (2014)

Roger Waters the Wall (2014)
Year, country:
Sean Evans Roger Waters
Roger Waters, Dave Kilminster, Snowy White
90 min
The film, shot by Roger Waters, a well-known member of the popular band Pink Floyd, does not tell us about the music of the band. The picture, rather, is some bizarre mixture of a concert where a single album is being performed, namely "The Wall" and an interview with Roger himself. Performed by all the compositions the musician himself, using the accompaniment of invited performers, throughout the three hours that the painting lasts, the group, as a phenomenon inseparable from the musician, does not say a word. The main leitmotif, going through the entire film, is still the monologues of Roger Waters, dedicated to such serious things as, for example, the death of close people.
Without hesitation, the musician opens his soul to the spectator, talking about his childhood, growing up, about his father, whose life was taken away by a cruel war. However, through the bitterness of personal loss, Waters wants to convey another idea, how terrible the war is, there is no place on earth for the existence of war. In essence, the film is not only musical, but also anti-war, but the thoughts of a musician who supports peace throughout the world, protesting against war, are clothed in words about family, duty and honor. Watch free full movie Roger Waters the Wall (2014) online in FreeMovies4k.org