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22 Jump Street (2014) HD
22 Jump Street (2014)
Year, country:
Phil Lord Christopher Miller
Channing Tatum,
112 min/episode
A new assignment by Jenko and Schmidt in the comedy "22 Jump Street (2014)"

Film company Sony Pictures for release is preparing a continuation of the comedy film "Macho and Botan", which should be released on June 6 of the coming year. The main roles in this sequel will again be played by John Hill and Channing Tatum. Released last spring, the first film "Macho and Botan" was collected many grateful viewers' reviews, and the picture was able to earn over $ 200,000,000. The films were directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. The creation of the script worked Rodney Rotman, Michael Bacall and Oren Uzil.
The plot is based on the need for the heroes Schmidt and Jenko to perform a new task. In school time they were enemies, because they were at various levels of society. But, having entered the training in the ranks of the police academy, they became best friends. Due to the characteristic stupidity of both of them, they could not do anything right before. However, they enrolled in a program to combat the spread of drugs in schools. This task was successfully overcome by them. Now they will have to try on the role of students of the American college, where they need to unravel a complex crime in order to punish the perpetrators.
But, no matter how the guys do not argue, they should still act together, otherwise they will not be able to understand the complicated case.
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