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Kill Dil (2014) HD
Kill Dil (2014)
Year, country:
Shaad Ali
Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra
122 min/episode
   More often than not a person behaves the way he has been brought up by the most native people - parents. But the heroes of the film "Kill Dil (2014)" are not familiar with people who gave them life.     From early childhood, Dev and Tutu grew up under the supervision of a criminal authority, which instilled in them cruelty and indifference. Innocent kiddies have grown up as real killers and their every cause has no effect on conscience, for they are ordinary things for them. Instead of books, they had automatic weapons, and instead of toys, they had cold steel. Brothers of the master of their craft, without hesitation they are ready to fulfill any instructions of their adoptive parent. But even the most fallen man always has a chance to correct and in the movie this chance is given to Dev. He falls in love with the beauty Dishu and for the sake of his chosen one the young man is ready to give up the terrible past. He wants a real life, in which there is no shooting, violence and murder. But the other brother, on the contrary, does not seek another fate - he is satisfied with everything and he despises the rest of the people. Can he let his relative just leave the underworld? Men will have to face each other to find out. But the adoptive father does not intend to part with his best performers and he is ready to go to anything, if only his beloved son remained next to him. Watch free movie action,drama,crime,2014 Kill Dil (2014) online in FreeMovies4k.org.
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