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Zombieland (2009)
Year, country:
Ruben Fleischer
Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson
88 min
Incomprehensibly, the US is almost completely dying out.. People turned into zombies. Now there is no country, no American nation, no quiet democratic life. The Earth has become a real Zombiland, overpopulated with living dead, who are wandering around the world and destroying the surviving survivors. What happened? Why did this happen? Questions without answers, but there is something more important. Now the main thing is to unite and go in search of other survivors, after all, coping with the invasion of zombies is much easier and sometimes even more fun. But huge crowds of unrealistically hardy monsters are not a simple goal, because they are ruthless, insensitive and heartless.
One of the survivors - a simple American botanist, who during the holidays for a very long time did not leave the house. When a guy gets out into the street, he is shocked. There is no choice, we must survive. And he, despite his nature, is incredibly inventive. The guy develops a set of rules and goes to the road, destroying the zombies. Soon he meets another survivor - a future ally who experiences unreal pleasure from killing the walking dead. They begin their journey together - the path to finding the survivors and saving the country. The road is not the easiest, but when two girls join the company, the mission becomes a little more pleasant. Watch Zombieland (2009) online free in HD quality on FreeMOVIES4K.org
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