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Brad's Status (2017)
Year, country:
Mike White
Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer
1h 42min
The film "Brad's Status" is a drama about attempts to rethink life.
Brad Sloan has everything outwardly normal: a happy marriage, a reasonable son-graduate of Troy, and quite a decent and profitable job. When there are about three years left until the fiftieth birthday, the hero suddenly covers either a middle-aged crisis or a nervous breakdown. The impetus was a trip with Troy, who chooses a college.
Brad looks at his old friends and sees that he has not achieved anything compared to them. Craig works in the White House, Jason runs the fund, and Billy sold the company at 40 and is now secured, on an eternal vacation. The mental torments of Brad press on Troy. The guy is very confident in himself. The main option for admission, he believes Harvard. Such a high bar seems a little achievable for the father. On the other hand, Sloan is proud of the offspring and thinks that through his successes he will be able to cover his own failures.
It is time to look at yourself and others under a microscope. And, perhaps, Troy, who has not yet lived, will open his father's eyes to the real state of things.