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Instrument of War (2017)
Year, country:
Adam Thomas Anderegg
Jack Ashton, Elliot James Langridge, Daniel Betts
1h 30min
At the height of the second world war, the Hitlerite military are beating down an American bomber, run by an experienced pilot Claire Cline. After the fall of the crashed plane, he miraculously manages to survive, which does not become a happy coincidence. The captured pilot is captured by German soldiers and sent to a concentration camp located on the territory of Northern Germany. At this point, for an arrogant fighter, the air confrontation ends and an absolutely different, equally heavy battle begins. In a new place, you have to change the rules and some priorities, trying to survive at any cost. Hundreds of unfortunate prisoners are held in inhuman conditions, daily subjected to bullying, humiliation and torture. For any fault or careless look, you can immediately get a bullet in the forehead. You can
Human life in such places is worthless. Prisoners in general are not considered for people and contain much worse than dumb cattle. In such circumstances it is very difficult to preserve pride, dignity and hope for getting rid of unbearable torment. Many prefer immediate death to such an existence. Claire now faces the only difficult task - not to break, looking at the surrounding horrors and sufferings of comrades-in-arms. In the eyes of numerous prisoners, comrades are constantly dying, unable to withstand the terrible conditions, tired of resisting constant fatigue and psychological overwork caused by a terrible, not passing hunger and a feeling of hopelessness. Many are executed by the Nazis to intimidate the survivors, trying to turn people into animals, awakening base instincts. It is necessary to focus on the thought of home and close people waiting for the return of the fighters. Watch free full movie Instrument of War (2017) online in FreeMovies4k.org