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Souleater (2017) SD, HD
Souleater (2017)
Year, country:
Michael Lang
Tony Armer, Johnathan Ball, Loren Blackwell
1h 26min
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As practice shows, most novice fighters with all kinds of evil spirits sometimes have difficulties even with the most harmless monsters, and only having stuffed a bunch of bumps and bruises where they are not at all necessary, such a sufferer eventually turns into a superhero, unless this significant moment give God my soul.

But in our case, everything is completely different. The thing is that the terrible, but wise Shinigami-sama, he is the God of Death, in his old age somehow became completely softened and turned into a good-natured old man, who, realizing that natural selection is not so bad, but valuable cadres -there should be protected, opened in the Lost City a special educational institution called the Academy of Weapons Lords named after himself. There, gifted students constantly hone their skills and also learn the wisdom of combat against various types of adversary. All students are divided into two categories, Lords and Weapons, which are combined into suitable pairs to be able to perform special tasks for Shinigami-sama.

In the center of the plot are three completely different in character and manner of fighting a couple: diligent and very responsible Maca, who joined forces with Soule, having the form of a spit, self-confident and extremely stupid Black Star, working in tandem with Tsubaki, taking the form of various ninja weapons, as well as the painfully meticulous amateur of symmetry, Death Junior, who chose Thompson as his companions, turning into twin pistols. Each of them chooses his own way to improve his skills, but they all serve the sole purpose - to prevent the awakening of the ancient evil, the name of which is Chisinau.