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Favorites The Italian Job (2003)

The Italian Job (2003)
Year, country:
F. Gary Gray
Donald Sutherland, Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton
1h 51min
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In the movie “The Robbery in Italian”, a team of professional robbers led by John Bridges cranks up the complex gold appropriation operations. Gathering on his last business, John contacts the best friend of Charlie Crocker.

Charlie is a true inventor and carrier of all kinds of brilliant ideas. Their goal - a large batch of gold bars, located in one of the largest banks in Los Angeles.

The operation is superb and a team of brilliant looters rushes through the streets of Los Angeles, pursued by the police. The very first traffic jam should have put an end to the pursuit, however, the masterly criminals carefully planned everything, with a green light at all traffic lights, while the rest, respectively, a red light. But the team did not calculate that their little trick will not pass without a trace, because the most ambitious traffic jam in the history of Los Angeles has formed on the streets of the city.

In the movie “The Robbery in Italian”, the viewer can watch the real extreme races on mini-coopers, risky adventures and professional robbery of the masters of their craft.